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Image of PRIMITIVE HEARTS -  Self Titled 7”
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"The band spews out scuffed-up powerpop that has as much pent-up energy as Gentleman Jesse. It comes less rootsy and more awkward, but if you can sit still through the self-titled “Primitive Heart”, we doubt you’d pass an empathy test. One of the of the scrappiest love songs of the year, it’s vulnerable without being sappy. The hook is ample, but the verse is what gets stuck in your head, swirling around uplifting major chords that shake you into submission. It feels like a sucker-punch before “Believe Me”, which bellows with enough background ‘oooh-ooooos’ to make Shannon Shaw blush. “Killing Time” hits a mid-tempo stride with a dirty lick and sing-along vocals before venturing into the minute long Flamin’ Groovies stomp of “Breakdown”. It could be the production by Elvis Christ, but the EP is saturated in the same ball-in-hand catchiness as Nobunny’s First Blood. Sure, it’s lacking the signature mania, but Primitive Hearts display an overall simplicity that’s done to perfection.